How to improve your Twitter experience?

How to improve your Twitter experience?


Social media is a growing network and as one of the fastest growing social networks, Twitter play very important role. It’s showing real time news, so it is more important to be active on twitter. So if you are looking to interact with your targeted audience, then you have to define strategy that will work best.

Following are some actionable steps you can take to improve your Twitter experience 

  • Be active on twitter – Means post news, images, activities or events according targeted audience interest. Retweet their post also.
  • Follow relevant people.
  • Promote your twitter account through different channels. Add follow me or call to action button
  • Complete your twitter profile with accurate information.
  • Follow users who follow your followers
  • Follow the accounts recommended by Twitter.
  • Respond to people who are interested in similar content
  • Use a time saving tool like Hootsuite to schedule your tweets to maintain a consistent flow of content
  • Build email connections and send them request
  • Advertise your twitter page by mentioning twitter page link e.g. your business card, e-mail signatures, web page, blog, and on Facebook
  • Create a Twitter profile widget on your blog or website.

There are lots of way through we can improve twitter experience.

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